Weed Control Methods

Homeowners may have different reasons for undertaking lawn weed control; some do it because they just bought a new house that has never been landscaped while others do lawn weed control because they just recently decided to take up gardening. In any case, the essence of lawn weed control is to take care of weeds that have got out of control.

Chemical Methods

Some gardeners and lawn care experts control weeds in grass using herbicides which selectively kill undesirable plants. The chemicals are usually applied through spraying. This is done either on individual plants or on whole gardens.

This method has its advantages and disadvantages. Herbicides are effective in the removal of unwanted weeds, and many are safe to use. However, chemicals can be dangerous especially if not handled well. Moreover, some have damaging effects on the environment. Over time, some weeds can become tolerant to chemical weed control.

Biological Methods

This involves the use of certain organisms such as fungi, insects, bacteria and even grazing animals to reduce and stop the spread of weeds. This method can be implemented effectively by weed control services because it requires careful planning and knowledge of the local ecology and how the organism behaves in controlled settings.

Insects are the most used organisms in biological control. The impact of weeds can be limited by deliberately introducing certain insects into the garden or lawn. It is important that homeowners research before using this method because the wrong choice of an organism can be disastrous.

Mechanical Methods

This is one of the most popular weed control methods. It involves disrupting the growth of weeds by mowing, pulling, picking and plowing. One type of weed that can be removed mechanically is the Canadian thistle. This choice is considered environmentally friendly, but can take a long time.

Best Lawn Weed Killer

Weeds are detrimental to plants in a lawn garden. They compete for nutrients with other plants and make a lawn look unsightly. Weeds can spring up on any location in a garden and choke other plants and flowers turning, the garden into a wasteland. Fortunately, there are products available in the market that can kill weeds in grass and flowers preventing their growth. The best lawn weed killer helps keep a garden attractive and healthy.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

This type of weed control is designed to be used before the germination of weeds. This is one of the most effective weed control methods. Pre emergent weed control involves using products that inhibit the proper development of weeds by restricting root growth. However, this method of weed control is ineffective when applied after the germination of weeds. Those who do not have the time or the expertise to do weed control can hire weed control services.

Weed Control Tips

  • Use weed removal tools like lawn mower or string trimmers to mow grass weeds and other types of weeds.
  • Use the weed removal tools to turn them under. This is not just one of the best weed removal methods; it is also a plowing and aerating measure. In addition, it is a pre emergent weed control method because it buries young weeds making them decompose quickly. This enriches the soil with nutrients and improves its texture.
  • Pull out grass weeds as they appear.
  • Do not plow weeds that have gone to seed. Rather, remove their top growths using weed removal tools. In addition, do not compost the top seeds because they will germinate and grow.
  • Remove young grass weeds that germinate by cultivating the soil or spraying the weeds with an herbicide. Cultivating the soil disturbs the roots of young weeds making it impossible for them to grow fully.

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